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Professional color mixing, matching and management
for graphic artists, web developers and designers .

Organically Developed Thru Dynamic Evolution
by Alan Meyers

• Localized for the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese,
Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

• Capture colors with Camera or from photo on Camera Roll.
• Adjust color using sliders or component bars.
• Get RGB, HSB, CMYK and Hex immediately.
• Import palettes from Coolors or Aurora.
• Export palette to Photoshop SVG file or Procreate swatches file.
• Query your color and compare it to 16 color libraries. (Pantone, BEHR, RAL, etc.)
• Create your own Custom Color Library.
• Save your color to current palette.
• Create, name, save and share as many 25-color palettes as your phone can hold.
• Name your colors anything you want.
• Adjust RGB, HSB, CMYK numbers by dragging the numbers up or down.
• Can input a Hex code directly in app.
• Query a color by Name or Number.
• Rearrange colors in palette by just swiping them.
• View color on color for comparison. See Euclidean distance between colors.
• Share or print screen shots from anywhere.
• View full 25-color palette, full screen.
• Mix any two colors in your palette using sliders.
• Swipe right to go to previous color.
• Can view last 15 colors displayed.
• View your color Full Screen by zooming in on color window.

"Artists and designers will love the Color Query Pro app. In fact, any­one who has ever seen a color
that captures their attention and they just have to have it, should have this app.
Color Query Pro is a powerhouse app for anyone
who thinks in color and desires to capture the right one at the right time." - Apps and Applications

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