*The battygirl Cave*

The button is pushed and for a moment nothing appears to happen.

*What you don't know is that your retinas are being scanned by a pair of micro-infrared-leds and your retinal pattern is being flashed across the Internet to the CIA headquarters in Quantico Virginia and the FBI "McGruff the Crime-Dog" digital computer in Washington DC. There, it's compared to known criminals and battygirl enemies.*

When no match is found, a solenoid throws and a silent electric motor whisks the secret door to the battycave open. Before you is the dark, poorly lit, steeply descending stairway to the battygirl cave. An automated female voice warns, "Please watch your step - the stairs can be slippery."

As you descend the winding staircase, there are framed pictures from famous battygirl cases. You hear the echos of your footsteps and the very sound of your breathing seems loud, amplified by this narrow passageway with its damp walls.

From somewhere you hear the sound of water dripping:


As your eyes adjust, you notice that as you descend, the lighting, dim as it is, seems to follow your progress. *"Motion detectors", You think to yourself.*

Down and down you go - your curiosity leading you on like Virgil leading Dante thru that other netherworld - until suddenly, at the end of another tightly-winding curve the stairs stop and you find yourself in the battygirl cave.

When you step off the stairs, the cave lights turn on, and a large 110" TV on the wall, volume turned down, comes to life as the cave begins to resonate to Over The Rhine's "Thank you my angel."

A console at the center of the cave is a winking, blinking circus of activity. You see yourself standing by the console on one of many TV monitors lining the wall and a folder called Case 121 catches your attention. You open it and begin to read.  

A *clunk* sound makes you flinch and a strange blue smoke quickly fills the cave and your lungs. You feel dizzy and try to reach out to steady yourself before you completely black out - only to see the floor rushing up at you.

 meanwhile...  battygirl  

At school, Anais (aka battygirl) is listening to the Chemistry II lecture "polymers, our little friends" when the bat-security-app alerts her to battycave activity. Her pulse leaps as she flips to her security camera app and sees an unknown subject (unsub, in crime lingo), standing at the now-open battycave entrance #5. Quickly packing up, she leaves the lecture hall to quizzical and annoyed looks.

Anais quickly reaches the library. There, in the least-used, most poorly-lit row, she swiftly peels off her school uniform, revealing her battygirl costume. Slipping her battygirl boots from her backpack, she hurriedly pulls them on, tightly clutches an old, dust-covered copy of "Bill Cosby, America's Dad" - looks up and to the left - then pulls.

A second passes as her irises are checked and near-field vacuum-scanners verify her pheromone signature. The bookcase opens to a small closet just big enough to contain a three-foot-wide steel tube.

Anais, slips on her mask and quickly fixes her hair. Now, as battygirl, she checks the cave cameras and sees the unsub standing by the control console with an open folder. She presses "lockdown" on the bat-security-app. "That'll teach 'em," she thinks, and laughs out loud before she can check herself.

After gathering everything up, batty tucks her book bag to her front and slides down the tube - the bookcase silently closes and locks with a metal "clunk".

 I have other battygirl cases too!   
the battygirl files....

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